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Here at EMS Concierge Aspen, our revolutionary electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology delivers the most effective and efficient training, custom tailored just for you! In just 20 minutes you’ll activate nearly 90% of your bodies muscle fibers and feel the results of a 4 hours, full-body workout. The EMS training is designed for adults of all fitness levels and ages.




Miha bodytec is the leading premium manufacturer of EMS training equipment, perfecting and spreading the whole-body training method for improved fitness and health.

Miha Bodytec stands for reliable, innovative, safe and suitable products. Everything is ensuring a continuous and effective operation. All relevant worldwide providers of the training trust in the EMS device manufacturer miha bodytec.



EMS offers the most efficient and evenly-distributed resistance strength-training available anywhere. With 8 major muscle groups being activated simultaneously, EMS not only promotes muscle recruitment, but has the added benefit of training the mind and body to work in unison. EMS is designed to achieve optimal conditioning, burn fat, develop strength, and tighten muscles.

Our 20-minute EMS sessions are the equivalent to a five-hour conventional workout.

This is the future of fitness.



Recovery is the most important facet of all professional athletic regimens, and we should treat ourselves with equal care and consideration. Swelling that occurs in muscle tissue post-workout can restrict blood flow in these areas. Metabolic waste products can build up in the muscles and block the flow of important nutrients. Treating this inflammation immediately after training is a vital step towards better health and speedy recovery.

Our recovery stimulation program helps to detox the body, lower blood lactate levels and reduce swelling in chronic and acute pain areas.



The muscular endurance mode is a much lower frequency at 7 Hz but was found to work well for more cardio based workouts. It doesn’t penetrate the muscles as deep and because of that, can be done more than once a week. Great for the treadmill, stationary bike or cardio hit training with our concierge trainers. Burn more calories faster by utilizing this advanced ems cardio technology!




As a model and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, complete-body workouts have always been a big part of my way of life. Eight years ago I tried my first EMS training and I totally fell in love! Fitness turned into my biggest passion. I worked hard to get certified by the National Exercise & Sport Trainer Association (NESTA), Miha Bodytec- Electro Fitness Technology and GluckerKolleg - EMS Training Department.



Hi, I’m Drew Adams. I’m a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and a licensed integrative nutrition coach. I’ve been training for over 10 years and once I discovered EMS, I never looked back. Everybody has a different goal and my priority is to cater to your individual needs. I’ll challenge you both physically and mentally to maximize your potential both in and out of session... and will always be your biggest fan!



As a trainer, dancer, and sports host for the LA Clippers, my life revolves around movement and health. With nearly a decade of professional dance experience, combined with coaching bootcamps and fitness classes, I’ve gained deep knowledge of the body and how it responds to the transformative power of exercise. My goal is to guide people to becoming the best versions of themselves while building confidence and, of course, strength!



Born and raised in Malibu CA, I’ve always loved the outdoors and fitness whether its hiking, surfing or playing tennis. Over the last 5 years I have been a certified yoga instructor teaching all over Malibu and now I get to train my clients with EMS! I believe EMS is the best tool to help shape and build my clients to be the best version of themselves.



Throughout my year's training as a dancer, I have gained a deep awareness of how fitness can influence my performance. As an EMS trainer, I love being able to share my passion for movement with my clients and push them to reach their potential. EMS offers an effective and efficient workout, and I have first-hand experienced its transformative effects.



Throughout my years as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Chargers, I have had the honor of dancing on some of the world’s biggest stages. These experiences would have never been possible without a passion for fitness. I love utilizing the best technology in fitness to push my body and performance to the next level and that technology is EMS! I believe that EMS offers unparalleled training and I am excited for my clients to experience the benefits that I have. I cannot wait to train with you! Bolt up!



Emsconceirge is hiring trainers and fitness professionals with experience in Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training.

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EMS Training
EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) is a full-body workout using impulse currents.

  • EMS pads are strategically positioned near the particular muscle being stimulated.
  • As you exercise, electro impulses are sent to the pads which triggers muscle contractions. EMS mimics the brain's natural pulses, only more intensively.
  • That's why it's so effective.
  • EMS is designed to achieve optimal conditioning, burn fat, develop strength, tighten muscles, combat cellulite, jump-start your metabolism and restore your body's natural balance.


Super-efficient and effective!

I heard about EMS on Instagram and was kind of skeptical at first, but after just one session, the results were insane! EMS dialed my normal workout up to an 11, letting me get more physical stuff done in half the time. Can’t recommend it enough!
April 28, 2021

Once I started EMS, my workouts and recovery times were cut in half.

I love the sessions which always leave my entire body buzzing! Plus I’m seeing unbelievable toning results as I build muscle and drop pounds so fast I hit my target weight in a fraction of the time I thought it would take me!
March 14, 2021

Awesome workout!

I burned more calories in 20 minutes than I usually do in 90. And after only a few sessions, I saw a major increase in muscle size and strength. No wonder EMS training is blowing up all over the fitness world! It works!
January 25, 2021

EMS intensified my workouts in a way I know I couldn’t have done on my own.

I get in better sessions now with a whole lot less exertion! Ater just a few sessions, I saw a big boost in muscle development and fat burning without spending half my morning in the gym to get it done! This is the best workout I’ve ever had by far!
November 2020

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